However, despite the sizable home, a couple of the rooms feature more than one bed in them — a taboo move in Fundie world. That way they can bang it out without bothering the rest of the Dugs. The other siblings must figure out a way to make the shared bedrooms work, though.

John has a great solution to the problem. Austin suggests that they can throw one of the mattresses on the floor in the game room if necessary. But everyone well…. After touring the lake house, the producers ask the Duggar kids and spouses what they hope to get out of the marriage retreat.

Lucky for her, she has Austinher always supportive husband, there to lean on. Oh, wait…. That Austin sure is a jokester! His marriage retreat comments are almost as funny as that time he made pregnant Joy load his kayak into the icy water all by herself. Next up, Pastor Caldwell has the group sit in the living room for a lesson on communication. After finding out during the living room chat just how terrible all of these couples are at communicating, Pastor Caldwell decides to prove his point with a communication exercise involving inflatable rafts, blindfolds, walkie-talkies.

For this particular activity, the guys are blindfolded and put into rafts with one walkie-talkie while their respective spouses are left to direct them with the other walkie-talkie on dry land.

The goal is to retrieve a duck decoy and not drown we assume. In the end, Josiah and Lauren are the winners and Ben and Jessa come in last place.

After drying off, the couples head back inside for another activity. This activity requires the couples to work on compromising, which they are supposed to do by building a nest for some marbles…or something. The couples are instructed to make these nests out of twigs and grass which Jana probably had to gather in between feeding her younger siblings and hiding that calf before Michelle forces it to wear some bad costume jewelry.

Over in Laredo, Jeremy and Jinger are still working to purge their home of junk in preparation for their upcoming move to Los Angeles. The day of the moving sale, Jeremy and Jinger are shocked to see people literally running up their driveway for a chance to be on TV buy something previously owned by a D-list reality TV couple.Jill and Jessa: Counting On follows the lives Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald as they navigate adulthood and the changes that come with it.

No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Start Your Free Trial. Episodes Extras. Season 1 2 3. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. A Courtship Begins. On the season premiere of Counting On, Jessa and Ben discuss future additions to their growing family as Jill and Derick face hardships while continuing mission work in Central America. Jinger gets ready to take a big step with a special someone!

It's Official! Jinger brings Jeremy over for his first meal with the family. The couple makes a call to Jill and Derick for some courtship advice. Ben and Jessa discuss his plan for youth outreach. Later, the older siblings participate in wilderness survival training.

Duggars in the Wild. After a scary encounter with a nighttime visitor, the Duggar siblings continue their wilderness training.

counting on season 10 episode 7

Jill and Derick celebrate their second anniversary with some creature comforts, and Jessa and Ben marvel at how quickly their baby is growing up! Meet the Parents. Will she meet with their approval? Meanwhile, back home, Joy gets her first flying lesson and Jana plans a graduation party for 3 siblings. A Big Surprise. Jeremy makes a secret trip to Arkansas, but before surprising Jinger, he and Ben do some browsing for engagement rings.

Then, Jessa and Ben give their rapper friend, Flame, a taste of Duggar family life. The Big Event. Ben hosts a youth football camp with a group of former NFL players. Meanwhile, Jana hatches a plan to redecorate the guesthouse Jill and Derick will be staying in when they return from Central America.

Guys' Guide to Courting. Jinger, Jeremy, and chaperones go on a whirlwind trip to see his family and friends. Will delayed flights ruin a big surprise Jeremy has planned? And we take a look back at past Duggar courtships and hear the guys' tips for a successful relationship.

Proposal in the City. Little does Jinger know, Jeremy has an important question he plans to ask before the trip is over!

counting on season 10 episode 7

Jessa's Announcement. Jinger and Jeremy celebrate their engagement in NYC. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick wrap up their mission work in Central America and are greeted with a big surprise party in Arkansas, but in the end, Jessa and Ben have an even bigger surprise of their own. The After Show. The family comes together to relive some of the most memorable moments from season 2.

Plus, before the reunion is over, there is a surprise guest in store for the cast.Counting On.

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Watch Now. Counting Now. A New Chapter. It's All Greek to Me! Seems like someone has caught Josiah's eye! Josiah asks Lauren Swanson to enter into a courtship, but will she say yes? Full Episodes.

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Counting On Bios. TLCMe Exclusives. Get a sneak peek of the new season of Counting On coming this summer. Joe and Kendra hear Joy and Austin make a tearful speech at their rehearsal dinner. Joe and Kendra get married on in special two-hour episode of Counting On. Jana asks the kids to help her pick veggies from the Duggar garden. Joy and Austin meet Joy's younger siblings to share their pregnancy news. The big day has arrived for Joy and Austin when she goes into labor, but their plan to have a home birth is complicated by an unexpected emergency.

Joy and Austin plan out the day of announcing their pregnancy to the family. The Vuolos try their hand at gardening. Joe surprises Kendra by flying out to Kentucky and planning her a special birthday dinner. In Kentucky, Kendra is quick to try on her first dress, complete with extra sparkle.

While in Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy's friends, James and Seung Hye, take the opportunity to ask the young couple about their plans for a family.

If all the Duggars had as many books as Jeremy, they'd need a full sized library! After returning from Switzerland, Joy and Austin are settling into married life and adjusting to temporarily living in an RV. After two years, Jessa and Ben finally give Spurgeon his very first haircut. The Forsyth home still needs a lot of work! In this webisode, the Dugger boys are growing up and pitching in on the family businesses. Getting through customs is just the beginning. The Little Couple. Cake Boss.The show was created in the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation controversy and subsequent cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting.

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Add links. Over the last few months Jill and Jessa grew even closer as sisters as they walked through this difficult time together. Now, just a couple of weeks away from Jessa's due date, Jill and Derick leave for their new lives in Central America. Jill and Derick adjust to the challenges of their new life in Central America.

Then it's finally time to meet Baby Seewald and find out if it's a boy or girl! When labor complications arise, Jessa is rushed to the hospital. Later, Jessa enlists her sisters to help prepare a fall feast for the whole family. Then Jessa and Ben go on their first date since Spurgeon was born, will his presence wreck the romance?

Jessa goes out for coffee with Jana and Anna, leaving Ben in charge of Spurgeon. Jinger buys a car at auction with the intention of flipping while Jana starts a new project with her brothers. Jill and Derick introduce Israel to their love of pickles. The siblings continue construction on their treehouse, which gets bigger and bigger. Joy and Sierra plan a secret baby shower, but worry about pulling off the surprise. Jill and Derick have surprise guests in Central America. The siblings continue work on the family treehouse, but the cold weather hinders their efforts.

Louis to meet with Christian hip-hop artist, Flame, and learn about his work. Inspired, Ben steps into the recording booth. After weeks of work the treehouse is ready for a big reveal! The girls hit the road for a weekend away, but a surprise on the way leads to an unexpected detour. Once at their destination, the girls enjoy quality time together and lots of girl talk. As they prepare for the trip, they travel down memory lane, revisiting Jessa's milestone moments, from engagement to motherhood, that have led to this emotional reunion.

Jill and Derick remember their beginnings together in Nepal and the adventures that have led them to the mission field in Central America. On the season premiere of Counting On, Jessa and Ben discuss future additions to their growing family as Jill and Derick face hardships while continuing mission work in Central America.

Jinger gets ready to take a big step with Jeremy. Jinger brings Jeremy over for his first meal with the family. Later, the older siblings participate in wilderness survival training.Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign up here. Already have an account? Log in here. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

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Email Address. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. See score details. Jinger and Jeremy hold a yard sale before their big move to LA.

Counting On

Meanwhile, the married couples attend a marriage retreat to focus on their relationships. Go back. More trailers. City So Real.Please sign in with your TV provider to watch this episode and other great programs.

‘Counting On’ Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Bootcamp, Blindfolds & Building Nests

Watch Now. Counting On. They must put their haggling skills to work and try to sell as much as they can. Meanwhile, the married couples attend a marriage retreat where they focus on their relationships. Available Full Episodes. Joe and Kendra's Baby Girl 1. Counting Now: With 5 days until her due date, Kendra starts having contractions.

counting on season 10 episode 7

At the hospital, Kendra's water breaks which sends her into active labor. Joe and Kendra's Baby Girl 2. Counting Now: Kendra is ready to push, but when her doctor still hasn't arrived, the nurses get ready to deliver the baby.

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Josiah and Lauren's Baby Part 1. As contractions get stronger, Lauren has painful back labor, which two epidurals fail to help. Josiah and Lauren's Baby Part 2. John and Abbie's Baby Part 1. Counting Now: John and Abbie are about to become first time parents! John makes Abbie a special video about their relationship. Later, Abbie goes into labor and heads to the hospital. After almost 36 hours, Abbie and John welcome their baby girl. John and Abbie's Baby Part 2.

Counting Now: John and Abbie are about to become first-time parents! Extreme Cheapskates. A woman reveals her secrets behind her cheap lifestyle while living in NYC. Penny pinchers reveal how they save and cause friction between loved ones.Very interesting course, excellent content. I'm looking forward using these concepts in my business pretty soonThis class was very interesting and practical. I learned how to structure experiments to be able to isolate the effects that the input variables have on the response variable.

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